An Innovative Approach

YuCube hardware is the smart IoT device that has the capability to connect different network elements in a secure way. It has its own connectivity capability through 3G, 4G, 5G and Ethernet to enable access from the YuCube Cloud Suite.

YuCube Cloud Suite

YuCube Cloud Suite is a complete site roll-out and optimization management platform, deployable to public and private clouds. It provides built in capabilities for

  • Site Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Optimization Management
  • Sectorization

YuCube Mobile Client

YuCube Mobile Client is the tool for the site roll-out worker, that helps to connect, manage work orders and execute the YuCube.


Sectorization / Carrier Ads /5G Deployment /DAS / CRAN

Including the capability to fully integrate new network nodes before transport back to the core network is available

YuCube 2.0 New Features

YuCube is highly automated and innovative product from Yupana to dramatically accelerate the rollout and optimization of RAN sites. YuCube is designed to address site roll-out and optimization problems with Yupana experience and service excellence.

Long Term Site Management

Rack-mounted YuCubes for long term support during construction with continuous KPI and alarm Monitoring

Parallel Integration

Multiple baseband units integration simultaneously using 5 independent Gigabit ports


Instant AutoScripting capability with remote support


Automatic configuration migration from existing baseband unit  to the installed latest version baseband unit

Network in a Box

YuCube in the same box YuCube 2.0

VLAN support for flexible core network structure adaptive to different operators and use cases